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Ready-mix Concrete

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Precision batched Concrete

Mixing concrete is a precise science. Our state of the art pan mixers ensures precision weighing, batching and mixing to create the perfect concrete in every batch. We run a fleet of over 25 trucks allowing us to supply large scale projects with ease.

In recent years, we have made large investments in our Wrexham concrete plants. We now use the latest weighing systems, pan mixers, and moisture probes to ensure every batch of concrete we produce is to the same exacting standards. If you’re working on a project which requires concrete, no matter how specialist, we will endeavour to produce the perfect bespoke mixed concrete for you.

For projects large and small, our mixing wagons can deliver precision mixed concrete to your desired location. We have two wagon sizes, detailed below.

Wagon Dimensions

6M3 Truck8M3 Truck
Height (GVW)17.5M22.4M
Weight (GVW)26 Tonne32 Tonne

Concrete Types

We offer a wide variety of concrete for multiple purposes. Creating the perfect concrete for your requirements is where we excel. Tailored around strength, weather resistance, curing time or final finish, we have the knowledge and expertise to fulfil your project specifications.

Home use Concrete
Self-compacting Concrete
Agricultural Concrete
Industrial Concrete
Foam Concrete
Heavy Industrial Concrete
Waterproof Concrete
Rapid Strength Concrete
Fibre-reinforced Concrete
Pattern Mixes
Pump Mixes
Sustainable Concrete