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Environmentally friendly processes and procedures

Eco-Readymix is a socially responsible company. In terms of our production processes, we strive to always use sustainably sourced materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques. This helps us to to limit carbon emissions and minimise any negative impact on the planet. Where possible, we use recycled materials and we are continually searching for ways to develop new, more eco-friendly techniques.

At Eco-Readymix we employ a wide range of industry professionals. From our sales and administrative teams to our batchers, delivery drivers, and concrete specialists, everyone is based in the local area. By employing a local workforce, we are helping to support the local economy by giving back to the community.

Sustainability, durability, and recyclability

The raw materials for our concrete and mortar are sustainably sourced from ethically managed quarries. When extracting materials from the earth, it’s imperative to do so in a responsible way. We pay great care and attention to finding the best techniques to limit the impact on the natural environment.

The final product from Eco-Readymix is of the best possible quality. Our concrete and mortar are durable and will stand the test of time, resisting weather erosion and extremes of temperature. Our industry expertise allows us to choose the perfect aggregate to maximise recycling potential.

Community projects and charity work

As a large local employer in North Wales, we want to do as much as we can to support the local community. Through fundraising and charitable events, we have raised a considerable amount of money for a variety of good causes. Most recently, our Director, Gary Billington cycled 1,000 miles from Wrexham to Modena, Italy and raised over £10,000.