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Eco-Readymix raising the standard with Volvo

Eco-Readymix has partnered up with Thomas Hardie Commercials Ltd having opened a Vehicle Maintenance Unit (VMU), complete with Volvo Approved Technicians, at their premises in Ruabon, near Wrexham.

And the link-up between two leading companies in their respective fields is proving beneficial for both.

Eco’s Managing Director Gary Billington explained:

“We were seeking the most environmentally friendly trucks, hence the reason why we’ve opted for Volvo, given that one of their core values is ‘care for the environment.’

“We have a long-established relationship with Thomas Hardie Commercials, which we are incredibly proud of, so when the opportunity arose to have a workshop onsite it was an offer too attractive to refuse.

“Having a workshop onsite means we benefit from an extremely efficient turnaround when it comes to getting our vehicles serviced or repaired.

“Previously, we had to take our vehicles across to Deeside depot for service and maintenance; this took additional time, often increased due to excessive levels of traffic on the road.

“Since the introduction of the VMU, we have the luxury of getting vehicles into the workshop immediately, ensuring they are back on the road, with minimal disruption and reduced downtime, increasing our overall efficiency and reliability to customers.”

Thomas Hardie Commercials Ltd have been established for over 30 years with nine sites across the North West, and Aftersales Director Mark Cunnew said: “Eco-Readymix wanted their fleet to be maintained to an exceptionally high standard, opting to purchase all of their Volvos with a Contract Maintenance Package due to the requirements set by current Euro 6 legislation and the vehicles being increasingly technical, coupled with their exacting standards of first time fix, inspection levels, compliance and MOT pass rates.

“To further support Eco-Readymix’s commitment, we took the opportunity to support the customer on their site in Ruabon. In addition to this we recently opened a vehicle maintenance unit there which is manned seven days a week. Along with this we’ve made significant investments in diagnostic tooling, genuine parts availability, skilled technicians and a full break testing facility.

“At Thomas Hardie we are proud to support Gary and the Eco-Readymix team and look forward to doing so for many more years to come.”

For more information on Eco-Readymix telephone 01978 846976.

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