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Liquid and dry floor screeds

Ready to lay, high performance Gypsol and cement based floor screeds.

Custom mixed screeds for your specifications

Eco-Readymix offer a range of BBA approved, low carbon, highly environmentally friendly floor screeds. We offer Gypsol anhydrite and cement based free flowing liquid screeds plus a range of dry sand cement screeds for use in a wide variety of projects, of all sizes from small to extraordinarily large.

Our range of dry and liquid Screeds can be used in all types of construction whether timber framed, Under floor heating, light weight steel or traditional masonry. There is a highly sustainable Eco-Readymix screed available for every conceivable application.

  • Eco Flow – Gypsol
  • Gypsol Classic
  • Gypsol HTC
  • Gypsol Rapide
  • Gypsol Rustique
  • Gypsol TS-15
  • Gypsol TS-20
  • Gypsol XS
  • Gypsol Modular
  • Gypsol Summit
  • Gypsol TimBRE
  • Cem Flow – Long floor
  • Cem Flow Rapid – Longfloor
  • 1:4 Sand, Cement and Fibre screeds
  • Retanol
  • QD3 (Quick Drying 3mm per day)
  • QD5 (Quick Drying 5mm per day)

A variety of uses

Browse Eco-Readymix extensive range of floor screeds or contact our technical sales team for further information. We offer a wide range of floor screed solutions from Liquid screeds, fast drying and high early strength Retanol Screeds.

Longfloor and Gypsol Liquid Screeds
Traditional Sand Cement and Fibre Screed
Quick Drying Screed
Polymer Screed

Eco-Readymix Volumetric

Our bespoke manufactured volumetric trucks provide precise on site liquid screed production. Capable of producing 10 different Gypsol mixes with the capacity to batch up to 9m3 per visit.

By producing screeds on site the risk of under or over ordering is eliminated. Only pay for exactly what you use with zero waste.

Poured directly into your screed pump with a constant steady flow, Eco-Readymix screed volumetric is the perfect on site solution for any liquid screed project.