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Water waste matters – here’s how we recycle ours

Whilst we specialise in the production, and supply, of environmentally-friendly ready-mix concrete, mortar and floor screed, our devotion to reducing our carbon footprint doesn’t stop there; we also recycle any wastewater that we generate.

What is wastewater recycling?

Wastewater recycling is the process of cleaning wastewater via water treatment systems, so it can be reused for a variety of purposes. Common uses for recycled waste water include:

  • Irrigating agricultural lands, parks and golf courses
  • Toilet flushing
  • Man-made lakes
  • Construction projects

What are the benefits of wastewater recycling?

  • In order to acquire water, it is often diverted away from delicate ecosystems, which can have a negative impact on the plants and wildlife living in that location. Reusing it, therefore, reduces the amount being diverted away from these areas.
  • Recycling wastewater reduces the amount of wastewater being discharged into the environment, meaning less pollution is caused.
  • The process of reusing water is far more cost-effective, consuming far less energy than extracting and transporting new water. This is especially true when using water treatment plants that are located nearby.

Wastewater recycling process

Much of our recycled wastewater is used to wash down panels and clean out wagons. But before we can use it again it must go through our recycling process:

  • At the end of each day, we send any drums and wagons lined with concrete to be washed out
  • Firstly, our team fills them with recycled water, clearing away any concrete residue
  • Once the wagons and drums are clean, the water is emptied into a recycler
  • From here, it goes into a pit where all the aggregates are separated from it
  • Now the aggregates have been separated from the water, it’s pushed out the back into another pit where it’s ready to be re-used as backfill material.

We have 25 wagons and it takes 500-700 litres of water per wagon to wash out one of them, meaning a lot of water is used. Therefore, we aim to reuse as much of this as possible, taking particular care that none of it is wasted during transfers to new surroundings. This ensures any negative impact on the environment is severely reduced.

Do you require any ready-mix concrete, mortar or floor screed for your next construction project? Would you also like to reduce your carbon footprint at the same time? If so, get in touch with Eco-Readymix today. We’re available to call on 01978 846976 or you can send us a message online.

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