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What are the benefits of ready to use mortar over dry silo?

When working in construction, it’s important the materials that are used are of the highest quality, including the mortar. And here at Eco-Readymix, we supply ready to use mortar which is exactly that. But what can you expect from it, as opposed to that found in traditional dry silos? Read on, and let’s find out.

It’s ‘ready to use’

The obvious benefit of ready to use mortar over dry silo is in the name (ready to use). When dry silo mortar is delivered to the worksite, it requires mixing with water prior to use. Conversely, ready to use requires no pre-mixing whatsoever, so you can start applying it straightaway.

Cost Savings

On average ready to use mortar saves around £40-£50 per cubic metre compared to dry silo mortar. We add retarder to our mortar allowing any surplus material to be used for up to 4 days after delivery ensuring no wastage or down time of brick layers.

No Hidden Charges

Dry mortar silos requires a concrete base, mains water and electricity. On top of the initial set up costs silos can incur break down charges and returned material charges. Ready to use mortar comes with no extra hidden charges.

More products available

Eco-Readymix uses specially designed delivery trucks so we can carry 5 or more different products at the same time. Conversely, a traditional mixer is only able to carry one product at the same time. This means that, when buying ready to use mortar from us, we are able to supply it in a number of variations and colours.

Saves time

Because it’s ready to use, you won’t have to waste any time waiting for the mortar to mix. And as we deliver several products at once, you needn’t worry about making time to accept multiple deliveries. Ready to use will reduce the job completion time, allowing build programs to remain on schedule.

Greater consistency

Thanks to the continuous regulation of our product, it is able to achieve a better consistency. This improved consistency ensures for a higher quality product. Strength tests are performed regularly by our technical support teams, whilst consistency tests are performed on site with every delivery, for proof of product quality

Eco-Readymix ready to use mortar

Our ready to use mortar is suitable for usage in all relevant construction applications. Features of the mix include:

  • Manufactured to the requirements of BS EN 998 Part 2 requirements and certified to ISO 9001.
  • Available in an exceptional variety of colours. Ranging from faded yellow to Slate Grey, there’s a shade suitable to an almost endless variety of applications. View a full list of our available colours.
  • Available in small or large quantities, depending on requirements.

For a full list of technical specifications.

Eco-Readymix makes acquiring any of our goods as easy as possible. Collect them from one of our plants or our prompt delivery service can drop them to worksites across North Wales and the North West. Interested in any of our products? Give us a call on 01978 846976 or send us a message.

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